How to celebrate my baby’s first Christmas?

How to celebrate my baby’s first Christmas?

For you, your child’s first Christmas is tremendously thrilling, but is it equally exciting for a newborn who hasn’t reached their first birthday? How are the holidays to be observed with a small child? What presents work best for this age group?

Christmas Eve, Christmas… How to celebrate these holidays with the baby?

To visit relatives or experience these unique holidays away from home, many individuals travel over Christmas. But if your child is really small, you could wonder how to spend these holidays or if it would be suitable to travel, go out, etc. There is no issue with travelling or enjoying holidays away from home, even those that are observed at night, like Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve, as long as your kid is in excellent health and is not a newborn.

Meeting their requirements and honouring their feeding and sleeping habits are the main considerations you need to make. Allow him to snooze if that is what he needs to do while you eat the grapes; if he needs to be up, forcing him to stay awake would just make him anxious and ruin the holiday.

baby's first Christmas

You should also be mindful if he becomes agitated when there is a lot of stimulus, like people, singing, and screaming. If so, take him somewhere calmer or perhaps depart sooner than planned to prevent him from being too tense. It’s true that you may not be able to have as much fun this year as you have in the past, but you will have your child with you, which will make Christmas even more meaningful.

Having the family over to your home is an additional choice that enables the infant to feel less out of place by being in his surroundings and even having the ability to lay in his bed when he needs to sleep. Of course, it would be more challenging to evict the visitors if you are really exhausted. Holiday celebrations at home will be more or less acceptable depending on your child’s age and personality.

Whatever you choose, it’s crucial that you keep an eye on the child. If he starts to become anxious, there is nothing better than cradling him in your arms to make him feel secure and at ease. If your child has to be with you all day, don’t forget to pack the scarf or baby carrier so you may have your hands free.

What to give the baby?

A baby that young won’t have the same sense of wonder as youngsters older than two years old have about the Three Kings or Santa Claus. You can come up with an age-appropriate object to promote their growth, nevertheless, if you are eager to ask the Three Kings for anything (activity cubes, soft books, rattles…).

What to give the baby?

As for the family, you may compile a list of what they need and what fits them, such as new seasonal clothing, childcare necessities (such as teething toys, a high chair, and children’s dinnerware), or another toy that will help them reach their next developmental milestones.

What to do with the baby at Christmas?

You can already do many things with your young one to celebrate these important days, such as decorating the home and playing Christmas songs, showing the little one the tree, and all of the ornamental items. While there are many activities that he will not yet be able to participate in, you can already do many things with your little one to celebrate these wonderful dates.

Or, you might start brand new customs, such as making Christmas cookies, hanging the stocking on the living room entrance, reading Christmas tales, or going on a stroll to view the Christmas lights around town. Even if you don’t believe she’s picking up anything new, her senses will be piqued by the vibrant colours, dazzling decorations, and festive music over the holiday season.

Christmas Fact For You:

Christmas Fact

Christmas lights used to be so expensive that they were rented rather than purchased. In the early 1900s, an electrically illuminated tree was a status symbol.

Other tips for having a good holiday

  1. Be careful of the Christmas décor; ensure that it is not very chaotic, and steer clear of any items that might be within the reach of your kid but could pose a risk, this is particularly important if your child is already crawling or walking. You need to pay particular attention to any tiny items that might potentially cause choking, such as glass or crystals from glasses or Christmas balls, as well as holly and mistletoe (both are poisonous). Everything that might be harmful needs to be kept out of reach.
  2. His eating and sleeping patterns must be respected so that he does not get anxious and you can all continue to enjoy yourself.
  3. Take plenty of pictures and films to capture this first Christmas in your child’s life so that you may show them to him when he is older even if he won’t remember them.
  4. Create Christmas postcards including an image of the whole family, and send them to loved ones, friends, and coworkers.
  5. You could host a special Christmas picture session at home with everyone dressed up as Santa Claus or any other Christmas decorations or costumes. You could even do this with any other holiday-themed outfit. It is going to be a good time and an unforgettable experience.
  6. Put him in clothing that is easy for him to fall asleep in, particularly during dinner, and you won’t have to worry about changing him even if he does nod out in the middle of the meal. You may appear dashing while still being comfortable by wearing dungarees, tights, or rompers. These are all fantastic alternatives.


The first Christmas you spend together as a family is a momentous occasion that you should treasure and enjoy. You can ensure that your child’s first holiday season will be one that they will remember fondly for many years to come with the help of proper preparation.

Whether you want to build customized ornaments, hold a small family gathering, purchase some fun gifts, or arrange the nursery in festive colours, these recommendations are guaranteed to help you make your baby’s first Christmas a wonderfully memorable experience!

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