20 Plus Christmas Tree Types and Best Decoration Ideas!

“The Christmas tree is the tree of conifers that is a symbol of celebration for Christians and Pagans”

The Christmas tree is an evergreen tree that Christian relates to this evergreen life of Hazrat Essa as Christ believes that Hazrat Essa is still alive and will return on the Day of Judgment.

Here we are talking about the 20 Plus Christmas tree types and Best Decoration Ideas in this year.

Symbol of Christ:

The Christmas tree is the symbol of Christ. The Christmas tree is not the religious symbol of Christianity, but it becomes the symbol of Christ.

Because of its triangle shape, the trinity is represented there, it becomes the symbol of Christ and new life.

Origin of Christmas tree:

As in the Bible, there is no explanation about the Christmas tree. This idea comes later on from Germany in the 15th century. Germany was the first to find this and used this to celebrate Christmas.

This idea of using the conifer tree as a celebration symbol for Christmas was not introduced or accepted by other countries.

The arrival of the Christmas tree in the UK:

History told us that once St. Boniface of Crediton (a town in England) went to Germany with the idea of preaching to pagans about Christianity. Where he saw some Pagans killing a boy.

They do this during their worshipping of an oak tree. When St. Boniface got to know this, he stopped pagans and cut this oak tree. When he cut this tree, he found a little tree that came out from the roots of an oak tree. He took this tree as a symbol of the faith of Christianity.

Christmas tree in the UK

His followers decorate this tree with lights and candles.

Another story about the beginning of the Christmas tree is that once a forester with his family lives Jungle. The season is winter they set a fire to keep their home warm. Then they heard a knock on the house. When they opened the door, there was a small boy without shoes and shivering with cold. They bring this boy inside the home and take care of him.

They gave him food and set a bed for him to sleep in. The next morning the boy turned into an angel, a Child Jesus. He asked the family to come to the garden with him, and he built a beautiful tree with his magic as a gift for the family to thank them for taking care of him.

Restriction to use the tree as a celebration:

The tradition of using trees on Christmas Day was still in Germany and other neighbouring’s countries until the 18th century.

Some countries restricted their citizens to use this as they thought it belonged to the pagan faith. They even punished their citizen who used this for the Christmas celebration. But in the late 18th century, Germans started to buy this tree and bring this to their homes as a decoration for Christmas.


This culture was officially introduced as a tradition in the United State and other countries that first denied the picture of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their family photo in the magazine in which they are standing with a decorated tree.

Now, everyone embraced this, and it became a symbol of decoration for everyone. Now, without the Christmas tree, Christmas is incomplete.

Christmas tree Types:

There are the following Christmas tree types ”

  • Cannan fir tree
  • A noble fir tree
  • Concolor fir tree
  • Balsam fir tree
  • Douglas fir tree
  • Fraser fir tree
  • Grand fir tree
  • The red Cedar Tree
  • Ribbon garland Christmas tree
  • Christmas light tree
  • A white light tree
  • Candy Christmas tree
  • A white pine tree
  • Norway spruce tree
  • Scotch Pine tree
  • A white spruce tree
  • Arizona cypress tree
  • A blue Christmas tree
  • Deodar Cedar tree
  • Colorado Blue Spruce
  • Classic Christmas tree
  • Virginia Christmas tree

Christmas tree decorations:

Decorating the tree is the favourite and most enjoyable work for everyone. Children are so ecstatic to do this.

On Christmas Day, everyone wants their tree to look more beautiful than others.

Everyone has different Christmas tree decoration ideas.

What to put on the Christmas tree for decoration?

  • Glowing Christmas lights
  • Garland
  • Little glowing bobs
  • Red flowers
  • White flowers
  • Tinsels
  • Ribbons
  • Ornaments
  • wreaths
  • Pictures
  • Sweet candies

Christmas tree decoration ideas:

How to decorate a Christmas tree?

  • To decorate your tree, bring all the things that are needed for decorating a Christmas tree.
  • Choose the right decorating items and ornaments.
  • Make your tree a fine triangle shape.
  • Put a ribbon on the upper and lower sides.
  • Then start attaching baubles and make clusters to make them look fluffy.
  • Set wreaths all around.
  •  Then put fine layers of garland on it.
  • To make it colourful, put 5 to 6 layers of flowers.
  • Set lights all around.
  • Then put the ornaments which you want.
  • Put in greeting cards.
  • To make it memorable, put pictures and frames.
  • Then attach candies, sweets, etc.
  • Then choose the best angle and star and set it on the upper side of the tree. This star and angle is the symbol of Jesus’ birth.

Artificial Christmas tree:

Artificial trees are made that are already decorated. People love to buy artificial Christmas trees.

Due to its high demand, there is also a shortage of this tree on Christmas Day. So, people buy artificial Christmas trees.

Artificial Christmas tree:

Also, some people can’t afford to buy the original Christmas tree due to the high price; they also utilize it to buy artificial Christmas trees.

The artificial Christmas tree shop is the centre of the attraction at Christmas. The artificial Christmas tree with lights looks so gorgeous, and it attracts people to it. As the Christmas season approaches, the excitement grows. The artificial Christmas tree shops are set up everywhere.

Artificial Christmas Stand:

Stainless steel artificial Christmas tree stands are made as a base. Then artificial ferns and conifers are arranged on this stand to make this look like an original Christmas tree.

Some shops arrange artificial Christmas tree sales on Christmas Day.

Whenever the topic of discussion is Christmas, or we hear about Christmas, the first thing that clicks to mind is the Christmas tree. The Christmas tree earns the reputation that without this Christmas celebration is incomplete. The Christmas tree is an evergreen tree just like Jesus. The shape of the tree shows immortality, and its shape is somewhat the same as the cross which is worn by Jesus Christ.

“The Christmas tree is representative of the birth and reappearance of Jesus Christ ”

This holy relation makes the Christmas tree more important for every Christ.

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