Best 5 Traditional Christmas Dinner Items!

Christmas without a tasty traditional dinner is useless. Do you agree? Yes, we all agree as Christmas is our tradition and we love to enjoy it with amazing dinners.

Traditional Christmas Dinner contains a variety of foods, from Meat to Vegs and Potatoes to sweet desserts. What would you prefer for Christmas, it depends on your nature and touch of taste.

But, after reading today’s article, you will not be further confused whether which Dinner items are to be cooked on Christmas night.

This article is all about “Traditional Christmas Dinner items”. Without further wait, why not jump into the article? Let’s get straight into the article!

What About Goose and Turkey?

A typical Christmas meal, believe it or not, includes geese as the main course, along with vegetables and baked potatoes. However, since the goose is a costly custom to maintain in the UK, the American practice of eating turkey supplanted the goose in the nineteenth century.

Despite the fact that geese are no longer commonly consumed, the flavours of goose may still be enjoyed during Christmas.

What would you prefer depends on you.

Christmas Chicken:

Well, you can say, every single person cooks a chicken item in their Traditional Christmas dinners. You are also aware of that.

According to the survey, chicken is the most likeable food in the UK. People loved to have grilled or full-fried chicken in their Christmas dishes.

Christmas Chicken

But it depends on you, how you would like to cook the chicken. Everyone has a different recipe to cook chicken. For example, you might season your chicken with a pinch of salt and pepper or a dash of cayenne pepper.

Yummy Brussel sprouts:

Let’s move towards some veggies. These are yummy Brussel Sprouts.

As you can probably guess from the name, Brussel sprouts come from the wonderful land of Brussels. Brussel sprouts are much like marmite; you either love them or hate them.

However, what most people don’t realize is that Brussel sprouts can be enjoyed on boxing day as bubble and squeak.

Yummy Brussel sprouts

For those that have never heard of bubble and squeak, you have been missing out! It’s where you put all of those leftover potatoes, onions, Brussel sprouts, and peas into a frying pan and make this delicious combination of festive food and a hearty meal.

Although Brussel sprouts originally came from Brussels, today, they most likely come from somewhere within the Mediterranean, where they are mass-produced.

You may be thinking, ‘who on earth could like this small green miniature cabbage?’, but they are actually really high in nutrients and antioxidants.

Deep Roasted Potatoes:

Potatoes have been loved by Tudors, Edwardians, Georgians, and Victorians, from the wealthy to the poor. It’s difficult to tell where they came from since several nations manufacture their own varieties of potatoes, ranging from fresh potatoes to baked potatoes.

christmas Roasted Potatoes

The potato, on the other hand, is said to have originated in Peru and subsequently been spread and cultivated across Europe. Although the potato is a British invention, the practice of roasting potatoes is. Finally, a true British classic: the properly cooked potato!

You can count on potatoes roasted to perfection, with a crispy outside and fluffy inside, when you dine with the Rub this Christmas.


Let’s move towards some sweet dishes, i.e., DESSERTS!

You always seem to find space for dessert after you’ve had your fill of Christmas dinner. Today, many families enjoy a range of Christmas sweets, including chocolate logs and cheesecake. Christmas pudding is the quintessential Christmas dish in the United Kingdom.

christmas desserts

When you think of Christmas pudding, you probably picture a thick cake packed with juicy cherries and berries, warmed up and served with a dollop of cream or custard.

The pudding, on the other hand, dates back to the fourteenth century and was originally prepared as a porridge known as ‘frumenty,’ which isn’t the most appetizing word for a dessert.

The Final Verdict:

I believe, after reading this informative article, you have planned to make one of the following dishes for the incoming Christmas. I hope you liked the article.

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