Word Scramble Fun: Wordy Escapades for Screen-Free Delight!

As a mom navigating the hustle and bustle of daily life, I recently stumbled upon a delightful alternative to the ubiquitous computer screen – word scramble puzzles. In the midst of the holiday season, when family time becomes paramount, these puzzles have proven to be a welcomed change of pace.

Christmas is synonymous with family traditions – the joy of decorating the tree, the festive glow of twinkling lights, and the warmth of good company. However, the demands of work and the daily grind often leave both Dad and Mom immersed in the everyday minutia of life. The holiday season, while filled with festive cheer, also brings a slew of new responsibilities, and sometimes it doesn’t feel entirely fair.

Christmas is one of my busiest times of the year. Not only do I get the job of a single mom to a wonderful boy who can challenge my patience without trying one minute and make me want to weep with love the next, but I am also a daycare owner and operator.

With the holidays, kids get left longer than normal. Some even have dinner at my house a few days a week. This gives their parents time to shop, decorate, and do the things that make Christmas what it is today.

It also creates challenges. Several of my parents are against screentime exceeding a small amount per day. It’s cold and gets dark early in the winter, so no outside fun time for those children staying late.

What to do, what to do!

Word Scramble

Word Scramble puzzles were the answer I found. You see, you can read to children, play games, and entertain them. It is harder to find activities they can and will do on their own without as much adult supervision.

Enter word scramble puzzles – a simple yet engaging activity that has become a delightful respite from the usual routines. In a world dominated by screens, finding an activity that encourages family bonding without the glow of technology has been a game-changer.

These word scramble puzzles have become a focal point for our family during the holiday season. Gathering around the table with a cup of hot cocoa, we immerse ourselves in the challenge of unscrambling letters to reveal festive words and phrases. The joy is not just in solving the puzzles but in the laughter, camaraderie, and shared moments that accompany the process. Plus whilst they sit and work on them at the table, I can work on dinner, baking, or paperwork. That last one never seems to get done.

What makes word scramble puzzles particularly appealing is their accessibility. With no need for batteries or Wi-Fi, they are a low-tech, high-fun addition to our holiday repertoire. It’s a small investment of time that yields substantial returns in terms of family connection.

As we navigate the demands of the season, these word scramble puzzles have provided a perfect antidote to the screen-driven chaos. It’s a reminder that amidst the holiday rush, the simple pleasures of family togetherness can be found in the unlikeliest of places – like rearranging letters to discover the hidden magic of Christmas.

Where To Get Word Scramble Puzzles

I tried the Dollar Tree books, but they never had enough of the same ones for all the kids. Plus, they were often religious, and some of my kid’s parents are against that. So, I tried making my own in Canva and Word.

Too much time! I needed this to save time. While looking for inspiration, I ran across software that makes word scramble puzzles. I was skeptical, but AI does pretty neat stuff now, so I looked into it.

The reviews were good, the price was low, and I needed something before all the kids trashed my house as well as my sanity. I needed something that was quick, easy, and can be printed off at home anytime.

I purchased the software and began creating word scrambles. I started with Christmas snowmen, Santa, and Christmas trees, that sort of thing. Then, I got inventive and began creating ones from random places: Parks, schools, families, that sort of thing.

The first night, a couple of the kids struggled to get it. I helped them more than I had planned. The next day, I went back to print more word scrambles and saw that I could choose the difficulty level!

Now, I had some for each age group. Luckily, every one of the kids has at least one close to their age except the oldest. They worked together on them, which went much smoother with varied difficulty levels.

I still answer questions and am there in the room with them. The benefit for me is they do not need as much of my time. I can get some work done, or maybe on eBay, I can read a magazine! Hey, a mom can dream!

Christmas Word Scramble!

Check out the software that also has 19 other puzzles you can download and print.

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