Best 10 Tips for Dealing with Annoying Relatives at Christmas

Celebrations of Christmas that are attended by every member of a family’s immediate or extended unit have a long tradition of being seen as joyful occasions that are abundant in love and pleasure. Here are the top 10 Tips for Dealing with Annoying Relatives at Christmas.

However, this is an extremely unusual occurrence, and even the healthiest of families may have conflict as a result of personality clashes brought on by a member who drives the rest of the family nuts.

Despite the fact that it may appear to be a difficult effort to cope with complex personalities, unpleasant relatives, and family issues that continue to resurface every year, there are a few helpful routines that may be extremely effective in making celebrations more joyous. These routines can be found in a number of different places, and they can all be found online.

We have developed a list of useful points and recommendations that will aid you in avoiding turning the Christmas get-together into a battle zone. This list can be found in the following paragraphs. Look it over!

Make sure the annoying relative has something to do

Things tend to become better when people are busy and don’t have the time to annoy or disturb one another. One party’s perception precipitates many disagreements that they are being overlooked or ignored.

Give the difficult person a task to begin with, so that they may focus on something other than just themselves. For example, you may make one of the meals that will be offered during the event. Of course, you should also give her the freedom to handle it in the way that she sees fit!

Pay attention to triggers

At the annual Christmas get-together, there are sure to be a few fights every year. They are brought up by the same person most of the time.

It is interesting to become aware of these problems so that you may be ready for them when they arise. Make an effort to think back to similar situations in the past and determine the most effective responses and actions to steer clear of. If you attempt to solve the issue without escalating the tension between the parties, it will be simple to shift the subject before things become heated up.

Establish rules

Before the big day, establish some ground rules if that difficult relative has a habit of acting in the same way. Instead of dealing with the issue head-on, the majority of individuals spend their time and energy worrying about dealing with annoying relatives if the relative creates issues.

Beware of alcohol consumption

Alcohol may seem like a terrific stress reliever, but the fact is that a few drinks might actually make a fight more likely to happen.

alcohol consumption


When drunk, those family members that tend to start fights may end up being more eager to start problems. Additionally, because of this beverage’s inherent depressive properties, overindulging may heighten feelings of letdown and melancholy.

Drinking cocktails and other beverages with very low alcohol content may be a solution. If drinking is still an issue, the only other option could be to take it from the menu.

Plan your own behaviour

If you are aware that there is a strong likelihood that you will get stressed out due to a difficult relative, take some time to consider your behaviour preferences.

Try to be aware of your thoughts and consider what you would want to do in the event that a bothersome circumstance arises. Additionally, strive to shift the dynamics of relationships with challenging family members by putting terrible memories in the past.

Avoid conflicts, practise a few sentences

Arguments may become quite intense and passionate in certain households. However, it happens often that the parties involved themselves do not manage disagreements properly.

Avoid touching anything that can provoke your aunt to say anything foolish or improper if you know her ideas would drive you nuts.

Choose polite expressions like “Let’s agree to disagree” or “Let’s not speak about it and disrupt the family joy” when you hear something you don’t like.

Don’t generalise things

When interacting with a family member, we often wind up generalising, which they may not enjoy. Sayings like “you always create problems at parties,” “you always drink too much at Christmas,” and “you never do anything correctly” should be avoided.

Even while it could be accurate in certain instances, statements of this kind merely serve to exacerbate tensions and generate more negativity.


We sometimes fail to listen to our tough relatives, which leads to disagreements. Instead of being impatient, hurried, or uninterested, try to pay close attention to what he has to say and use caution while responding. Maybe this is the best method to have a mutually respectful and peaceful relationship.

christmas Listen

Set limits

You may need to take additional steps in addition to formulating certain rules. Don’t feel obligated to welcome that thorny family member at your house, for instance, if they are visiting from another city.

This may at first sound aggressive, but it’s crucial to remember that everyone may feel acute tension if he’s around often. Decide to create limits in order to safeguard both yourself and your loved ones.

Of course, when it comes to emotional boundaries, it’s always a good idea to keep problematic communication habits at bay and set away discussion-provoking subjects.


Try to unwind and take in the day no matter what happens if you’ve discussed, established boundaries, made rules, changed habits, and done all, you should prevent conflict with difficult family members.

christmas Relax

Often, nothing can be done, no matter how great the efforts, if the individual doesn’t want to change. The secret is to concentrate on really valuable things.


Dealing with annoying relatives around Christmas may truly dampen the festive spirit if you let them. Let’s face it, we all have that one relative that is particularly adept at pressing all the wrong buttons.

Whether they are overbearing and controlling, self-righteous and critical, or confrontational and challenging, I am sure you can think of at least one relative whose presence at Christmas will only serve to heighten your anxiety, so don’t ruin your holiday and follow our Tips for Dealing with Annoying Relatives at Christmas this year.

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