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Christmas in Vietnam: Unveiling the Festive Splendor and Cultural Delights

Christmas in my city is a freezing day because of the drizzle, but warm on account of the happiness of welcoming the Lord Jesus back and in light of the deep affection we have for each other. In this blog, we are talking about how we enjoy Christmas in Vietnam.

The “Christmas Air” didn’t come on Christmas Eve, it started in the days when people prepared to decorate their houses. Since then, December has arrived and the Christmas spirit filled the air.

I  love the feeling of looking forward to Christmas, around that time I often smell the memories of previous Christmas seasons.

Christmas in Vietnam

In our country, you can start going out for Christmas from December 20-23. Traditionally during the Christmas season, all churches around the country set up large and massive rock “Cribs” including Christmas cribs with the Lord Jesus and Madonna Maria, Waterfalls, Straw houses, snowmen, Wreaths, etc. You should visit the church on Christmas days because it is much more sparkling and beautiful than on a normal day.

These days, people gather at the church a lot to practice singing and dancing to prepare for Christmas Eve. Then, on Christmas Eve all Christians gather at the church to celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus, at that moment everything is quiet and you can only hear the chants echoing through the street.

Right now I will tell you about some of the biggest Christmas places in Vietnam.

The first is the capital of my country, Hanoi. If you want to spend Christmas in Hanoi, you definitely can’t miss the Hanoi Cathedral. This is a familiar place for young people in the capital at Christmas or the end of the year. This is one of 30 churches in Hanoi.

On these days, the Cathedral is lavishly decorated to celebrate the big day of Catholics. Because this is a famous attraction, it is often very active during the holidays. Both religious and non-religious people also come here to participate in many interesting fun activities. You can enjoy a lot of dishes from many different countries on the streets of Hanoi.

Christmas in Vietnam

But if you want to enjoy Vietnamese food, don’t miss the following eateries: Bun Doc Mung Hang Tong, Nem Chua Nuong Au Trieu, Banh Trang Tron Hang Trong, Banh ran Man Ly Quoc Su, and experience a cup of hot chocolate at Maison Marou Flagship Hanoi. In the capital, we also have another famous place which is Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street.

This is an attraction for both tourists and residents of the capital on weekends. On the occasion of Christmas, the area of ​​​​Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street will be decorated with many colors and many perspectives with characteristics of Christmas Day.

Especially on Christmas day, there will Santa Claus holds gift bags to give to children. In addition, the pedestrian street also has many activities during the holiday such as folk games, interesting music activities, etc.

Now second place in Ho Chi Minh City with Landmark 81. Do you know Landmark 81? This building has a height of 461.2m and has 81 floors, built in the center of Vinhomes Central Park urban area, right on the banks of the Saigon River. Promises to bring you a beautiful Christmas photo spot in Ho Chi Minh City.

Christmas in Vietnam

In Landmark 81 you can try restaurants like Haidilao, Bornga, Capricciosa, and Khao Lao and have fun in them. Here, right from the early days of December, people have been frantically searching and scheduling, discussing finding places to go to Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City.

That’s when the name Landmark 81 is mentioned the most because this is the most interesting and unforgettable Christmas place in Ho Chi Minh City. For couples, this is the destination for the question “Where should Christmas go with the lover?”.

Coming to Landmark 81, travelers will be extremely impressed with the observatory area located on the top 3 floors, also known as “Landmark 81 SkyView”. Typically, the highest 81st floor is where you can experience the observatory area located at an altitude of 382.65m.

In addition, just below, the 80th floor is the Miwaku Premium outdoor coffee space and the 79th floor is the Miwaku Coffee Lounge restaurant. On Christmas Eve, you can choose to sit here and enjoy the bustling scene of the city at the Christmas moment.

So, if you are still skeptical about the popularity of Landmark 81, you can ask all Vietnamese or Foreigners here, everyone knows about Landmark 81.

Christmas without the fleeting cold, would not be a complete Christmas anymore. Christmas in everyone’s mind is the season of the winds, when people put on an extra shirt, step out into the street, and lightly shrug their shoulders.

Christmas days are the days when the city turns cold but people feel happier than ever. It can be said that Da Lat is the city with the most beautiful Christmas weather.

It was cold, but just enough for people to still be able to walk around, it was wet but just enough to cover the hair with dew and there was even sunshine on the roads.

The Christmas seasons in Da Lat are the seasons that make people fall in love when they are “adventurous” with the wind and engrossed in the space of heaven and earth. Many visitors to Dalat agree that this city is an extremely ideal place to spend Christmas.

In Da Lat, you can find many churches that are not only dignified and sacred during the ceremony but also possess extremely impressive architecture. On Christmas days, Da Lat not only has harmonious weather and beautiful scenery but also flower seasons that captivate people.

These days, the city seems to be more and more gentle with the white color blooming all over the roads, sowing nostalgia in the hearts of many lost people. You can also accidentally come across the beauty of the cherry apricot buds that bloom early on the branches of the tree that have been bare of leaves.

Not only those two colors alone, but Dalat on Christmas days also has the beauty of chrysanthemums, white mustard flowers, purple heather, and countless other wildflowers. Coming to Da Lat on Christmas days, a dreamy sky is waiting for you.

Christmas in Vietnam

Christmas is not the last day of the year but people spend moments together sharing what a year has gone by, and what events have changed them. If you want to find a quiet place to talk to your soulmate, go to De Olla Cafe (HCMC), Local Saigon Cafe (HCMC), Ante Café (Danang City), Danang Souvenirs (Danang City), etc.

I have so much to share with you, Christmas – are you lonely? Christmas – will you be happy? I hope after reading this short article you will have many emotions in your own story.

I hope everyone in the world can return to their country, their city, and their home to spend a peaceful and warm Christmas. If you find my book about “Christmas Everywhere” interesting and touching, don’t hesitate to share it with everyone.

We deserve to be happier every day. We have a mission to spread happiness to everyone, whether you come from a river a hill country, or everywhere. We want you to be ecstatic. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas every year and don’t forget to bring your loved ones to discover Christmas around the world.

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