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Embrace the Festive Spirit: Christmas in Moldova Unveiled | Traditions, Celebrations, and Joyful Moments

Christmas in Moldova is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. Moldova is a predominantly Orthodox Christian country, so Christmas is celebrated on January 7th according to the Julian calendar.

During the Christmas season, many Moldovans participate in caroling, where they go from house to house singing traditional Christmas songs and receiving food and drink in return.

Christmas in Moldova

When it comes to food, many traditional dishes are enjoyed during the Christmas season in Moldova. One of the most popular is sarmales, which are cabbage rolls stuffed with a mixture of meat, rice, and spices.

Other traditional dishes include placenta (savory pastries filled with cheese or meat), piftie (a type of meat jelly), and cozonac (a sweet bread filled with nuts or dried fruit).

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For the best place to eat during Christmas in Moldova, many restaurants and cafes offer traditional Moldovan dishes during the holiday season. Some popular options include Popasul Dacilor, Vatra Neamului, and Poiana Bradului.

Christmas in Moldova

When it comes to must-see or must-do Christmas activities in Moldova, visiting the Christmas market in Chisinau is a must.

Here you can find traditional crafts, decorations, and food, as well as enjoy live music and entertainment.
Another popular activity is visiting the Cricova Winery, which offers tours and tastings during the holiday season.

The winery is known for its underground cellars, which are decorated with Christmas lights and decorations, creating a magical atmosphere.


Overall, Christmas in Moldova is a time for family, friends, and tradition.

Whether you’re enjoying traditional foods or exploring the festive atmosphere of the Christmas market, there are many ways to celebrate the holiday season in Moldova.

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