Working During the Christmas Holidays? Here’s How to Make the Most Out Of Your Time

Christmas holidays usher in a festive atmosphere, enveloping us in the warmth of celebration and joy. However, for many professionals, this season may also entail balancing work commitments with the allure of festivities.

While working over the holidays isn’t the ideal way to spend the season, all is not lost. There are plenty of ways to make the most of your limited time during this special season.

Ask for Flexible Hours

A lot of employers offer flexible working hours, especially during the weeks before, during, and after Christmas to help employees get a chance to spend maximum time with their loved ones. Check with your manager to see if you can get to pick and choose your hours.

Flexible Hours

Some employers may also be more willing to give you extra time off after Christmas if you choose to work on Christmas Day. If you celebrate another holiday, such as Kwanzaa, let your employer know that so that you have a better chance of getting the days off that you want.

In a lot of cases, companies are aware that they will have fewer workers on the job around the holidays, and many are willing to accommodate the requests of their employees. In this age of technology, some companies also offer work-from-home hours to eliminate the need for a lengthy commute and in-office presence during these days.

Enjoy Workplace Celebrations or Organize Something Yourselves

Lots of workplaces host small parties in December or early January, even if they aren’t necessarily holiday-themed, just to give employees a break from the busy season. If your workplace does not already have a party planned, consider talking to other coworkers and your manager to see if a small gathering for lunch or snacks could be possible.

Enjoy Workplace

Even for those who work from home, a small party with online games between colleagues is a great way to decompress together.

Whether your workplace will have a holiday party or not, you can always enjoy the holiday season at work by dressing in festive outfits or giving small gifts to your coworkers. You can also invite others to go out after work when you have time and to go to a holiday-themed art show, light show, or even an ice skating rink.

Take Advantage of Every Free Minute

Perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy work during the holidays is to enjoy the time you have off, however less it may be. While you aren’t working, take advantage of every minute you have to relax, visit relatives or spend time with family by watching your favorite NFL team or your favorite movies.

Even if you can get half a day off, or work from home after your family has hit the bed, seize every opportunity to make the most of those precious minutes or hours.

Focus on Productivity

By keeping yourself busy at work on a holiday, you can keep your mind occupied and make the day go by faster. While you may be able to stay busy easily, you should also prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed. A good way to do this is by creating to-do lists with organized tasks you plan to complete for the day.

Focus on Productivity

As you finish each item on your list, take a moment to cross them off and give yourself a small reward for getting them done. By rewarding yourself, whether it is with a quick break or a piece of holiday-themed candy, you will feel productive and motivated.

While it isn’t as common, some workers find that they have less work to complete over the holidays. If this is the case for you, try taking time to do tasks that you usually don’t have time to get to, which can be anything from looking over your old resume to ordering backup office supplies. This will also keep you productive.

Keep Yourself Positive

Even if the thought of working over the holidays is upsetting to you, going to work with a negative mindset will only hinder your work performance. Instead, keep yourself positive by looking forward to the time you might have off after the holidays or by looking at the paychecks you expect to receive after working.

Keep Yourself Positive

If you struggle to stay positive at work, try doing a short meditation before making your commute or switching on your computer at home. There are many guided meditations online and on mindfulness apps that you can use for free, which is a great way to get started if you have never meditated before.

Some people also find yoga or other forms of exercise to be a helpful tool to use when you need to calm your mind before and after work.

Take Time Off After the Holidays

If you must work during the holidays, try to take some time off after New Year, such as in January, to make up for it. Remember, the holidays are often busy and stressful because many more people are out shopping and dining than usual. However, after New Year’s, the crowds at shops and restaurants typically die down dramatically.

Take Time Off After the Holidays

Hence, taking time to celebrate a week or two after Jan 1 is a great way to avoid the long waits in a check-out line or for a table, giving you more time to enjoy the day with your loved ones.

For those who like to shop, the post-holidays are the perfect time since many retailers offer major discounts on their merchandise. You can also get great deals on winter inventory.


While you may not want to work during the holidays, you should know that working during this special time does not have to look so bleak. In some cases, working during the holidays can be a blessing in disguise, especially since many workers find that taking time off in January is much less stressful.

You can also ask for flexible hours, enjoy the time you do have off, and get involved in organizing celebrations for coworkers.

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