Christmas Break Wordsearch School

My youngest daughter has been struggling this year in spelling and reading. With Christmas break, I was worried she would be even farther behind when the school restarts in January. I would love to sit down and work with her during the Christmas break, but it’s Christmas, and I am a mom. AKA, I work till I drop so everyone has a good holiday. I tried the library, but she would not sit and read for two weeks. I needed something she could do and learn that was fun. The one thing she got at the library was from the free bin. Christmas Break People donate magazines and books they no longer want. This bin was where all the free stuff went. She picked up a mostly completed book of word search puzzles. It had half a dozen that still needed to be completed. She started working on it on the way home after I asked her what she wanted to read. The next day, she was moping around the kitchen while I was trying to make pies for everyone. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she was bored and the books were boring. Only half listening to the litany of I’m bored that I hear a dozen times a day, I asked about the word searches. She said she did all the ones that were blank in the book. That evening, while I was looking for a recipe for banana nut bread online, I ran across an advertisement for a word search generator. I wasn’t getting anywhere finding a recipe like my great-grandmother, so I clicked on it. The software made word searches you could print. Not only that, you could customize it! One thing about kids is that they like things about them. My daughter was no different. I went ahead and bought the word search creator.
Christmas Break
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I started with Christmas words and themes. The next morning, I gave some to my daughter, and she shrugged. The total picture of a bored adolescent. I held my breath, so I wouldn’t say the same things my mom had told me when I was in that phase. I was still trying to find time to do school work with my daughter, but my youngest got the flu, and I was busy dealing with a doctor’s appointment, getting a prescription filled, and still had so much to do for the holiday. When I was finally done for the day and trying to relax while looking for a recipe close to my great-grandmother’s banana nut bread, my daughter walked in. She handed me the word searches and said a couple of the words had been on a spelling test before the holiday break. We chatted for a bit, and then she asked if there were word searches about horses. I said let’s look and sure enough, we found some word searches for her. I printed them, and she left. Christmas Break The next afternoon, she wandered into the kitchen, where I was finishing a pumpkin pie to freeze for Christmas dinner. She asked what appaloosa meant. We chatted about different words from her word searches and what they meant. That night, we printed her some out again. I decided to print a couple for myself. I used to do word searches all the time when I was pregnant. Now, it is a daily routine. Finding word searches and discussing new words with both of us. This word search creator has really made Christmas break a learning. Here is a Christmas one we made for you to enjoy that we made on the app. We hope you enjoy it.

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