Awkward Gift Giving from Awkward People to Awkward People At Christmas

Awkward Gift Giving from Awkward People to Awkward People On 2022 Christmas

I’m an awkward person. It’s just who I am. And if you’ve been paying attention, being able to claim that you’re awkward and then really owning it is kinda trendy. Here are some best Awkward Gifts Given from Awkward People to Awkward People.

Now, though I’ve always been awkward, I’ve never once felt like I was trendy. But awkwardness is in nowadays. So there you have it.

Where being awkward gets a bit tricky is when you have to or want to give another awkward person a gift. It’s not easy. You want to give the perfect gift without handing them a neon sign letting them know that you know that they’re awkward, or how you’ve both got a case of the awkward.

Here are some ideas for you to give that special, awkward someone that they can truly appreciate:

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Scented Stones:

Sometimes you just want to have an area smell super nice without worrying about an open flame or forgetting to turn off the diffuser. A scented stone might be that perfect alternative that gives a person all of the amazing scents that they want without the hazard the other options come with.

Scented Stones

A scented stone can be purchased or homemade. Before you go out rock collecting, these stones are made from a combination of flour and salt. This allows all of the essential oils you use to be absorbed during the creation of the rock. Once the rock is completely dry, you’ve got yourself a nicely scented “rock”.

Whether you buy or DIY your rock, consider gifting them in a nice bowl or tray. You don’t have to break the bank with either option. If you have a dollar store or thrift store near you, it’s easy to find some unique options at either location!


Everybody listens to music. And maybe your friend can’t get enough ASMR or LoFi beats. Whatever anyone listens to, it’s always nice to have decent headphones for privacy and even better enjoyment.


While this might seem like a pretty bland gift idea even for the most basic person, the originality of this gift comes in the style and type of headphones you give your unique friend. Do they reference their favourite anime?

There are tons of anime-themed headphones. If junk food makes up their entire diet, junk food headphones can be a huge hit. Maybe your eccentric friend is all about eco-friendly choices. You can hook them up with eco-friendly headphones.


We all have friends who are either always hot or always cold. When your awkward friend is always wearing a hoodie and long pants even when you’re hot enough you could melt, Snoozies are not only practical, but they show that you care about their comfort.


You don’t even have to buy just one pair. There are Snoozies for all types of comfort levels from light pairs for warmer months and toasty fuzzy ones for the colder seasons.

Phone Holder:

You might have noticed that your friend is a little unsafe when they drive, or maybe they cook or even relax with their phone. The perfect phone holder not only helps them to be safe in just about any situation, but you can also buy one with a theme that’s perfect for them.

Phone Holder

You can go super basic or funny when selecting this gift, making it customized to their tastes to let your friend know that you care.

Card Holder:

If you’ve watched your unique friend go to pay for something, grab their credit card, and have six other cards fly out of their purse or wallet, then they are in desperate need of a cardholder!

Card Holder

You can go for super fancy luxury card holders or a simple one. If you want to go the extra mile, you can get a cell phone case that can hold cards in it.

Funny Magnets:

Humour can leave a positive lasting impression, especially when you give someone a funny gift that deeply resonates with them. If you head out just about every Thursday night to see your friend perform their slam poetry, the best gift just might be magnetic poetry magnets.

Funny Magnets

Maybe they talk about their cat way too much and show up to everything with cat hair stuck to their hoodie. Cat butt magnets could be the one thing that they are missing in their life. It doesn’t matter what your friend is into because there’s a really good chance that there’s a magnet out there for them!

Foodie Magic:

Foodie Magic:

Does your friend love to cook, try the latest food trends, and sometimes act a little snobby about your favourite fast food snack? Then you should give them MBerry Miracle Fruit tablets! These magic little treats stop certain taste receptors from working, changing the perception of how food naturally tastes. It’s a fun way to play with your food!

Harry Potter Remote Control Wand:

Harry Potter Remote Control Wand:

This isn’t a joke. Well, it is when your friend can use it to lord over any IR device like speakers, TVs, and blu ray players. This wand is a must for any die-hard Harry Potter fan, whether they’re the awkward type or not.

Bone Pens:

Just because your oddball friend is fascinated with death doesn’t mean you can’t feed that interest! Bone pens are cool, practical, and pretty strange.

Bone Pens

Bone pens. Not just for doctors and nurses. Perfect for your well-meaning, mortality-fascinated friend.

Unique Sodas:

Pumpkin pie. Sweet corn. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Sweet corn. Buffalo wing sauce. Bacon. Ranch dressing. You can give every one of these nasty—

Unique Sodas:

I mean, interesting soda flavours to that friend who loves to eat or drink things you might not understand. Allowing your awkward friend the opportunity to gross you out yet again will be one of the best gifts they get this year.

Give Anything That Fits

The beauty of being or having an awkward friend is that you can have a blast shopping for exactly the right gift. Every person on earth gives out information about who they are and what they like without even knowing it. Pay attention to your friend’s clothing, habits, and tastes for any clues it might give for a gift idea.

Listen when they talk about something that they’re passionate about. Even make note of what they eat or drink when you’re together.

Your awkward friend gives you more information than you may think, especially when you keep an eye out for it. Gift giving can be stressful, especially if you have a unique, awkward friend. When it’s time to buy that meaningful someone something special, keep in mind these ideas and tips. You could become that friend’s favourite gift-giver in no time.

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