9 Failsafe Trendy Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Technology-Obsessed Boyfriend

9 Failsafe Trendy Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Technology-Obsessed Boyfriend

Christmas is here, which means it might be time to think about what to get for your man. If he is already a pro at the latest gadgets and toys, you may want to look elsewhere for their next gift.

In this article, we will cover all the different types of gifts that you could gift your technology-obsessed boyfriend. Whether he’s just getting his first smartphone or upgrading to a new device for the holidays, there are plenty of choices for those who like tech gifts.

With that in mind, here are some ideas for your technology-obsessed boyfriend.

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Failsafe Christmas Gift For Your Technology-Obsessed Boyfriend

1) IVY Wireless Mini Photo Printer

The Canon ivy compact photo printer is an excellent choice if you want to show your tech-obsessed lover how much you care. With its small size and easy Bluetooth connection, printing fun 2″x3″ photos is a breeze.

IVY Wireless Mini Photo Printer

You can even customize your prints before you print them with the app’s tonal editor. Plus, if your guy likes to organize his pictures in weird and wacky ways, the collage Print option is perfect for him!

2) Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Do you have a technology-obsessed boyfriend? If so, then you need to get him the Wemo Mini WiFi Smart Plug! This plug uses your existing home WiFi network to provide wireless control of your lights and appliances. No subscription or hub is required:

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

  • Simply plug Wemo Mini into an electrical outlet.
  • Connect a device to the Smart Plug.
  • Wirelessly control your device using a tablet or phone.

Using the free Wemo app, you can turn your devices on and off and set worry-free schedules from anywhere in the world.

3) Portable Full HD LED Smart Home Theater Projector

An amazing movie or television program can do wonders for your mood and blood pressure. Having that experience in the comfort of your own home, though, can be unparalleled. And a good projector is the best tool for the job.

Portable Full HD LED Smart Home Theater Projector

Men who are hopelessly in love with technology will appreciate the PF50KA. Its internal battery can power up to 2.5 hours of movie playback at 100 inches of HD definition.

LG webOS Smart TV, along with this incredible gadget, simplifies locating premium content quickly and easily (no more waiting in long waits), ensuring that you can get back to enjoying your show as soon as possible.

Plus, if your smartphone or tablet is Screen Share-compatible, you can use it as a second screen while watching TV, and if it has Bluetooth, you can use external speakers or headphones.

It’s important to note that while the PF50KA is ideal for any film buff, a subscription may be needed to access some premium features (depending on the service provider). This projector, however, is one of the best investments you can make for less than $500.

Christmas Crazy Fact:

Christmas Crazy Fact

Each year, approximately ten million Christmas turkeys are eaten in the U.K. and 22 million in the United States.

4) PowerShot G1 X Mark III WiFi-Enabled Digital Camera

The PowerShot G1 x mark III, the new flagship of the G-series family, combines superb image quality, control, and simplicity in a compact digital camera.

PowerShot G1 X Mark III WiFi-Enabled Digital Camera

The PowerShot G1 x mark III is a formidable companion for almost any shooting situation, boasting a large 24.2 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) sensor typically found in higher level interchangeable lens cameras, being the first PowerShot to feature dual pixel CMOS AF for fast and accurate focusing, and boasting a new panoramic shot mode and weather-resistant construction.

It’s ideal for your technology-obsessed boyfriends who expect the greatest photos and movies imaginably, thanks to its straightforward controls and powerful capabilities.

5) Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Introducing the newest member of the Ember family: the GiftTemperature Control Smart Mug. This amazing mug allows you to control the temperature of your coffee or tea, making it the perfect gift for anyone technology-obsessed.

Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Not only is this mug amazing for those who love their java hot, but it can also be used to keep drinks cold or warm on long trips or when you just don’t want to deal with a cold drink.

The GiftTemperature Control Smart Mug is not only stylish and convenient, but it’s also easy to use and perfect for those who are always on the go. So whether you’re buying a gift for a boyfriend or yourself, don’t miss out on this must-have gadget!

6) Leather Touchscreen Gloves

A Timeless Six Plus Wine Preservation System would be a great gift for your technology-obsessed boyfriend. This high-end method keeps still wines fresh for months or even years.

Leather Touchscreen Gloves

There is a wide selection of high-gloss colours and luxurious extras available, satisfying the needs of every vino connoisseur. This system is not only beautiful to look at, but also quite practical, making it ideal for the modern host or connoisseur who is short on time.

7) Turntable

For the tech-obsessed boyfriend in your life, consider gifting him a vinyl-based turntable. Fully automatic belt-drive operation offers two speeds: 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM.


The redesigned tone arm base and headshell reduce resonance and improve tracking, making for an enjoyable listening experience. The Ac adapter handles AC/DC conversion outside of the chassis, reducing noise in the signal chain.

8) Orbi WiFi System

If there’s one thing your technology-obsessed boyfriend loves, it’s a fast and seamless WiFi network that covers every inch of his home.  Fortunately, the Orbi WiFi technology makes it possible to satisfy his need.

Orbi WiFi System

Room to room, wall to wall, and floor to floor, this ultra-performance mesh network covers your entire home with lightning-fast, reliable WiFi. In addition, it ensures uniform coverage across the entire home (up to 5,000 square feet) by doing away with WiFi dead zones and buffering.

However, that’s only half the tale. The performance of the Orbi WiFi system has also been recognized with awards. Even when multiple devices are connected to your WiFi network at once, its speed has been praised by publications like PC Mag, CNET, Wirecutter, Forbes, and SmallNetBuilder.

And with its revolutionary tri-band technology, the network’s speed is guaranteed to remain constant regardless of how many devices are connected at once. As a result, your partner, who is clearly obsessed with technology, will have access to the most reliable and rapid WiFi available.

9) Lume Cube Panel Mini

Gift-giving can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re looking for a way to wow your technology-obsessed boyfriend or husband, the Lume Cube Panel Mini is the perfect gift.

Lume Cube Panel Mini

With an easy-to-use display screen and frosted lens for built-in diffusion, this little panel will give you exactly the light you need wherever you go.

Whether you are at home or on the go, the Panel Mini will take care of your lighting needs with its adjustable brightness and colour temperature. Plus, with its small size and powerful LED panel, this gift is sure to impress.


If your boyfriend is a technology nut, then he’ll love our list of Christmas gift ideas for him! From gadgets and accessories to games, we’ve got something for everyone on this list.

And if you’re stuck trying to think of something special to get him, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered there too. Merry Christmas, tech-obsessed guy!

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