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Top 8 Christmas Party Games for Families

One of the tremendous moments during Christmas is a family gathering in which the family members can interact with one another. This thing makes the Christmas vacations joyful and amazing.

In this article, I have mentioned some of the best Christmas party games that are very suitable for family gatherings and I am sure that you and your family will love and enjoy them. There are a lot of activities that every family does during this time but the Christmas games are ways of having fun and protecting you from getting bored.

Apart from this, it gives you a chance to better collaborate with others and helps to build good memories, and gives you a sense of contentment. An interesting thing is that we have a huge variety of games through which you can select the best ones by considering the age factors of members, interests, hobbies, preferences, etc.


1- Christmas Bucket List Game

During Christmas time, it is charismatic to enjoy the Christmas Bucket List. In the company of family, the game becomes more enjoyable. You can check this top-notch game through the provided link.

Christmas Bucket List Game

It is very easy to use as it provides access to instant printable digital downloads. It comes in two versions; the first one is the ready-made list while the second one is blanked which allows you to use your creativity. You will be delighted with this game having in-depth imaginative ideas and beautifully designed products.

2- Christmas Riddle Game

Christmas Riddle is one of the best brain teaser games that is a source of entertainment for the family and engages them due to their high potential interest in it. In this riddle game, understanding and focus are required, therefore, it enhances the concentration level.

Christmas Riddle Game

Although it requires you to use your brain to solve the riddles, it is designed in such an artistic way that it will not be proved too difficult and appropriate for every age. You will enjoy playing games and it is highly recommended for street parties.

3- Christmas Holiday Jeopardy Game

This is a powerful addition to your Christmas party while enjoying it with family members. The theme of the Christmas Holiday Jeopardy is perfectly designed by noting the traditions of Christmas.

Christmas Holiday Jeopardy Game

This game can also be played in many other settings. Like other games, you can avail of games as well from the provided links.

4- Christmas Bingo Game

Bingo Game is reliable as it enlightens Christmas parties with a lot of fun. This game is also available at a very reasonable rate at the E-store.

Christmas Bingo Game

5- Merry Christmas Around the World

It is another interesting game but it is best for only those who have knowledge of multiple languages and like to travel to different regions. Interestingly, common sense and some background knowledge also play a crucial role to win his game.

Merry Christmas Around the World

The method of the game is very easy. You just need to print the game and provide it to each participant. Each member will match the options considering what is said “Merry Christmas” in that given language. The maximum correct options enable the participant to become “a legend of the game”.

6- The Price Guessing Game

The Price Guessing Game is also based on the theme of guessing. But the plus point is that the maximum or all members can participate in this game due to its common eligibility criteria.

The Price Guessing Game

You just need to guess the price of the products shown on the prints. The closest to the actual price will give you points. The maximum scorer will be the “winner”.

Don’t hesitate to play this game with your family members and test your ability to predict the worth of things while enjoying.

7- Christmas Emoji Songs

If you are aiming to bring fun to family parties then this game will be a great choice for you. You need to guess the songs through the emojis on the print of Christmas Emoji Songs.

Christmas Emoji Songs

In general routine, we send emojis to our friends and they guess the movies and songs that the title of the movies are encoded in the emojis. The same phenomenon is used in this game for the sake of making fun.

Secondly, we are used to watching a lot of movies, especially at Christmas, therefore, it is more enjoyable to play this game on this occasion.

8- Finish My Phrase

Finish My Phrase is another fun game. You just need to download the game from the links given. After printing, you have to distribute it to all of the family members who are participating.

Finish My Phrase

Every participant will write answers on their paper. The maximum points achiever will be the winner. Don’t wait to enjoy this game!


Then, I would like to say that the family is very important and the time spent with the family members has a remarkable worth. Thanks to the Christmas games that unify the members of the family and amuse them.

I tried to figure out some of the best Christmas Party games for the family. I hope that you will enjoy them. Keep smiling and enjoy the moment of life! Check all the games by visiting the store through the provided link.

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