Best 6 Ways To Enjoy The Week Before Christmas At The Office

The Week Before Christmas at the office is always a rough week, no matter what kind of business it is. Nobody really wants to work, stress levels are through the roof and when employees aren’t working, they are planning and coordinating their perfect holiday at home.

There are costumes to plan for pageants, meals to plan and shop for, presents to buy, houses to deep clean for nit-picky relatives, you know how it goes. The workplace may or may not take priority in brain space, but there are definitely ways you can make the week of Christmas a little less tough.

1- A hot chocolate or coffee station on the Week Before Christmas

There are lots of traveling coffee stands, having one come to your workplace for an hour or two is a fantastic way to show your employees some holiday love, or if your budget is limited, having a coffee bar set up will also make even the longest of days more enjoyable.

hot chocolate or coffee station on the Week Before Christmas

Honestly, I don’t know why places are still only offering the original creamer flavor, if people are putting cream in their coffee it’s because they do not want the taste of straight coffee. Providing three or four cream or syrup options will liven up your coffee station right

2- Host a gift exchange.

This doesn’t have to be something huge or formal, but of course, it’s always exciting to designate time to get together and exchange gifts.

Host a gift exchange

Secret Santa can be a fun way of giving anonymously, or you can tailor it to your office team. Another game with different names is giving “gag” gifts or just gifts that are quirky rather than thoughtful or useful. Thrift store finds are a guaranteed laugh for your

3- To state the obvious,

holiday food These are great ways to make the day before a long holiday break a little more bearable. I’ve never worked in a place that didn’t love a food day.

You’ll definitely want to have a signup sheet to avoid 3 slow cookers of the same food and 5 plates of Christmas cookies. If you make it into a little holiday party, you can add in the gift exchange and do some holiday trivia as well.

4- For a social media campaign,

Feature members of your office to share holiday traditions they love and throw in something related to your company to encourage interaction.

social media campaign

Research shows that people interact more with businesses on social media when they feature real team members and organic content rather than stock photos or graphics that look like ads. Plus, it’s a fun way for your employees to get to know each other!

5- Christmas cookie decorating.

Christmas cookie decorating

It sounds a bit cheesy for an office setting, but nothing drives people like food and competition and since everyone is getting cookies, everyone wins.

6- Ugly sweater days!

Everybody loves an ugly sweater, why not make it an office tradition? Not only does it eliminate the pressure of having to look one’s best, but it’s a fun way to get into the holiday spirit and have some fun at work without actually taking time and energy away from the work you’re

Ugly sweater days

As always, leave a favorite holiday suggestion in the comments for others to try!

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