Ultimate Netflix Christmas Movie Quiz: Test Your Holiday Streaming Knowledge!

Are you a true Christmas movie aficionado? Do holiday films light up your festive season like the star atop a Christmas tree? If you find yourself eagerly counting down the days until Netflix releases its seasonal film lineup, then our Netflix Christmas Movie Quiz is the perfect challenge for you!

From the heartwarming tales that have become timeless classics to the latest holiday hits that have taken the streaming world by storm, this quiz is designed to put your festive film knowledge to the ultimate test. Whether you’re a fan of romantic Christmas comedies, enchanted holiday adventures, or even the more unconventional Yuletide flicks, our quiz has something to pique your interest.

Netflix Christmas Movie Quiz

As you embark on this merry journey through Netflix’s holiday cinema, we invite you to see if you can score a perfect ten. Unwrap each question like a present under the tree, and discover just how well you know your Christmas movies. With a mix of easy peeks and tricky head-scratchers, this quiz promises to be as exciting as finding out what’s in Santa’s sack!

So, grab a cup of hot cocoa, cozy up in your favorite holiday sweater, and get ready to dive into the magical world of Netflix Christmas movies. It’s time to find out: are you the Kris Kringle of Christmas cinema, or will you need a little more time under the mistletoe to brush up on your holiday movie magic? Let the Ultimate Holiday Film Challenge begin!

Download this scorecard that I made for you. Right click on the image and save it. Then Print.

Christmas Movie Quiz Scorecard

Netflix Christmas Movie Quiz: Test Your Holiday Streaming Knowledge!

  1. In “The Christmas Chronicles,” what object do the children use to summon Santa?
    • A. A magic bell
    • B. A special Christmas cookie
    • C. An ancient Christmas book
    • D. A Santa figurine
  2. Which iconic singer stars in “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey”?
    • A. Mariah Carey
    • B. John Legend
    • C. Usher
    • D. Jennifer Hudson
  3. In “A Christmas Prince,” what is the name of the fictional country where Prince Richard hails from?
    • A. Genovia
    • B. Aldovia
    • C. Belgravia
    • D. Montenaro
  4. What job does the main character have in “The Holiday Calendar”?
    • A. Photographer
    • B. Baker
    • C. Writer
    • D. Event Planner
  5. In “Klaus,” what unique profession does Jesper’s father have?
    • A. He’s a famous chef
    • B. He’s a postmaster general
    • C. He’s a toy maker
    • D. He’s a ship captain
  6. Which city is the primary setting for “Christmas Inheritance”?
    • A. New York City
    • B. Snow Falls
    • C. Aspen
    • D. Chicago
  7. In “The Knight Before Christmas,” what magical item transports Sir Cole to the present day?
    • A. An enchanted necklace
    • B. A mystical snow globe
    • C. An ancient sword
    • D. A time-traveling amulet
  8. What is the profession of Emma Roberts’ character in “Holidate”?
    • A. Florist
    • B. Lawyer
    • C. Graphic Designer
    • D. Marketing Executive
  9. In “Let It Snow,” which object plays a significant role in bringing the characters together?
    • A. A stranded train
    • B. A lost dog
    • C. An old diary
    • D. A snowstorm
  10. “Operation Christmas Drop” is based on a real-life Air Force mission. In which country does the movie take place?
    • A. The Philippines
    • B. Guam
    • C. Hawaii
    • D. Indonesia
    • Netflix Christmas Movie Quiz
  11. Who directed “The Princess Switch”?
    • A. Mike Rohl
    • B. Chris Columbus
    • C. John Hughes
    • D. Rob Marshall
  12. In “Holiday Rush,” what is the main character’s profession?
    • A. Radio DJ
    • B. Music Producer
    • C. School Teacher
    • D. Retail Manager
  13. What is the name of the town in “Christmas on the Square”?
    • A. Fullerville
    • B. Pineville
    • C. Harmony
    • D. Evergreen
  14. Which country is the setting for “A Castle for Christmas”?
    • A. Scotland
    • B. Ireland
    • C. England
    • D. Wales
  15. In “Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square,” who does Dolly Parton play?
    • A. An angel
    • B. The town mayor
    • C. A choir director
    • D. A shop owner
  16. What is the main character’s quest in “The Christmas Chronicles 2”?
    • A. To find Santa’s lost reindeer
    • B. To save Christmas from a mysterious villain
    • C. To deliver a forgotten gift
    • D. To reunite with family
  17. In “Holiday in the Wild,” where does Kate go after her son leaves for college?
    • A. A safari in Africa
    • B. A beach in Bali
    • C. A retreat in Thailand
    • D. A tour in Europe
  18. Which actor plays the main character in “The Noel Diary”?
    • A. Tim Allen
    • B. Justin Hartley
    • C. Ryan Reynolds
    • D. Hugh Grant
  19. What is the occupation of the main character in “Christmas In The Smokies”?
    • A. Berry farm owner
    • B. Bookstore manager
    • C. School principal
    • D. Bakery chef
  20. In “El Camino Christmas,” where does the main storyline take place?
    • A. A small-town police station
    • B. A family diner
    • C. A local shopping mall
    • D. A roadside motel
  21. Which musical icon stars in “Black Mirror: White Christmas”?
    • A. Jon Hamm
    • B. David Bowie
    • C. Elton John
    • D. Billy Idol
  22. What is the main character’s goal in “Christmas Break-In”?
    • A. To save her parents from a snowstorm
    • B. To rescue her teacher from burglars
    • C. To find a lost Christmas gift
    • D. To organize a holiday concert
  23. In “The App That Stole Christmas,” what does the app do?
    • A. Delivers gifts automatically
    • B. Steals Christmas decorations
    • C. Creates a virtual Christmas experience
    • D. Tracks Santa’s sleigh
  24. What is the magical element in “Angela’s Christmas Wish”?
    • A. A talking reindeer
    • B. A wish-granting snowflake
    • C. A flying Christmas tree
    • D. An enchanted Christmas star
  25. Who plays the lead role in “The Christmas Chronicles”?
    • A. Kurt Russell
    • B. Tom Hanks
    • C. Jim Carrey
    • D. Michael Keaton
  26. In “Just Another Christmas,” what unique situation does the main character face?
    • A. He relives Christmas Day over and over
    • B. He forgets who he is every Christmas
    • C. He wakes up in a different year each Christmas
    • D. He swaps lives with someone else every Christmas
  27. Which Christmas movie features a character named “Sir Cole”?
    • A. The Knight Before Christmas
    • B. Christmas Inheritance
    • C. The Princess Switch
    • D. Holiday Home Makeover
  28. In “Dash & Lily,” what do they exchange throughout New York City?
    • A. Christmas cards
    • B. Gifts
    • C. A notebook
    • D. Photographs
  29. What is the profession of Vanessa Hudgens’ character in “The Princess Switch: Switched Again”?
    • A. Chef
    • B. Baker
    • C. Teacher
    • D. Journalist
  30. In “Let It Snow,” which popular song plays a significant role in the movie?
    • A. “Let It Snow”
    • B. “Jingle Bell Rock”
    • C. “Last Christmas”
    • D. “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

Outro: Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive!

Thank you for participating in our Ultimate Netflix Christmas Movie Quiz! How did you do? Were you able to guess all the festive movie questions correctly? The answers are available below for you to check your holiday film knowledge.

Don’t forget to explore other exciting activities on our site! Whether you’re looking for more holiday quizzes, watching Christmas movies, or even festive DIY projects, we’ve got you covered. Keep the holiday cheer going with our free printables and our Christmas blog posts. Happy holidays!

Netflix Christmas Movie Quiz Answers


  1. C. An ancient Christmas book
  2. D. Jennifer Hudson
  3. B. Aldovia
  4. A. Photographer
  5. B. He’s a postmaster general
  6. B. Snow Falls
  7. D. A time-traveling amulet
  8. B. Lawyer
  9. A. A stranded train
  10. B. Guam
  11. A. Mike Rohl
  12. A. Radio DJ
  13. B. Pineville
  14. A. Scotland
  15. A. An angel
  16. B. To save Christmas from a mysterious villain
  17. A. A safari in Africa
  18. B. Justin Hartley
  19. A. Berry farm owner
  20. A. A small-town police station
  21. A. Jon Hamm
  22. B. To rescue her teacher from burglars
  23. A. Delivers gifts automatically
  24. D. An enchanted Christmas star
  25. A. Kurt Russell
  26. C. He wakes up in a different year each Christmas
  27. A. The Knight Before Christmas
  28. C. A notebook
  29. B. Baker
  30. A. “Let It Snow”

Free Netflix Christmas Movie Quiz

Free Netflix Christmas Movie Quiz Printable – Your Ultimate Holiday Game Night Companion!

Bring Home the Magic of Christmas Movies!

If you enjoyed this quiz and you want to play it with your friends and family then this holiday season, we’re excited to present our exclusive Free Netflix Christmas Movie Printable, the perfect addition to your festive celebrations! Designed with both the casual viewer and the Christmas movie enthusiast in mind, this printable is your ticket to a fun-filled, movie-themed game night that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Why You’ll Love Our Printable Quiz:

🎄 Engaging & Interactive:

Our printable quiz is an interactive way to engage with your favorite Netflix Christmas movies. It’s a delightful challenge for movie lovers of all ages, offering a mix of questions ranging from the classics to the latest hits. It’s not just a quiz; it’s a journey through the winter wonderland of holiday cinema!

❄️ Perfect for Family and Friends:

Whether it’s a cozy family night in, a festive gathering with friends, or a lively holiday party, our printable quiz is designed to add an extra sprinkle of joy. It’s a fantastic way to bring people together, break the ice, and spark lively discussions and laughter.

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Simply download, print, and you’re ready to play! Our quiz is user-friendly and requires no additional setup. It’s a hassle-free addition to your holiday entertainment that saves you time for more important things – like enjoying a cup of hot chocolate! It comes with the answers and you can even use the Netflix Christmas movies scorecard from above to.

🌟 A New Holiday Tradition:

Make this printable quiz an annual tradition, adding a new layer of fun to your holiday routine. Keep track of your scores year after year and see who earns the title of Christmas Movie Maestro in your circle! I will add new ones each year for you.

💌 Share the Joy:

This printable makes a wonderful, thoughtful, and creative gift for fellow Christmas enthusiasts. Share it with friends, family, or colleagues and spread the holiday cheer.

Free Netflix Christmas Movie Quiz

Download Now and Make This Christmas Unforgettable!

Our Free Netflix Christmas Movie Printable is more than just a quiz; it’s a celebration of the holiday spirit captured in cinema. Download it now, gather your loved ones, and see who can claim the crown of the Netflix Christmas Movie expert. Let the fun, laughter, and holiday cheer begin!

There are two ways to get this printable. Press the download button to get all the pages in one PDF or you can right click on any of the images and simply save them to a place where you can easily find them. I usually just save them to my download folder. Anyway, I hope you have fun playing this quiz.


Netflix Christmas Movie Quiz

Netflix Christmas Movie Quiz Answer Page

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