Men and Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022! Which One Is Best It’s Complicated?

Men and Hallmark Christmas movies 2022. That isn’t something most people put together in thought much less in a sentence. There’s no doubt the target gender for most Hallmark Christmas movies is decidedly female. But did you know that there’s a population of men who love to sit down and enjoy these holiday movies?

I didn’t. And now that I do know this little fact, I’m kinda diggin’ it.

Macho, Macho Man

I think that the first mistake people like me make when it comes to male stereotypes is that men really do have feelings. It’s tough to digest, I know. But when you think about how you respond to both positive and negative stimuli, why wouldn’t a man have their own same responses?

Macho man hallmark Christmas movies

I blame my upbringing for my narrow-mindedness. And a pretty heavy addiction to romance novels. Men got things done and there was no time for feelings. Or if there was a display of emotion, there was a pretty strong catalyst to get there.

But men are impacted by the world around them—by both positive and negative events. Why wouldn’t a guy want to sit down in front of the TV and indulge? Once he got his fix of the History Channel or a substantial dose of true crime, it makes perfect sense as to why a guy would want to watch Hallmark Christmas movies.

Declaring the Love

I can’t remember what prompted my interest in the guys who love Christmas movies, but I came across some pretty cool stuff that I might not have seen without paying some attention to these guys.

Did you know that there’s a podcast where men are dedicated to reviewing Hallmark Christmas movies? I didn’t. But now I’m hooked.

First of all, I love the image of some dudes watching a Hallmark Christmas movie, making comments, taking notes, and whatever else they do for their podcast.

christmas mans podcast

Secondly, the fact that they’re so invested in their commitment to these movies gives me just about the same warm and fuzzy feelings I get when indulging in those sappy holiday favorite films.

This podcast is called “Deck the Hallmark” with Brandon Gray, Daniel Pandolph, and Daniel Thompson, and it was created in an attempt to keep their friendships connected while doing something they were all interested in.

When the Christmas season arrived and Hallmark began premiering one new movie after another, the guys got some great attention in the press.

These guys are great. And they’re funny. So when you add some likable dudes who have great senses of humor and combine them with rapid-fire Hallmark Christmas movie releases, you get entertainment gold.

One of the funniest things I learned about these guys and their podcasts is that their wives simply tolerate the movies. The men are the Hallmark Christmas movie enthusiasts in those homes.

Men, Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022 and Masculinity

People have very strong feelings when it comes to Hallmark Christmas movies and if it’s acceptable for men to watch them. This debate can bring out some pretty passionate people who rival some of the most aggressive politicians out there.

So, what are people saying? I’ve read a bunch of comments that say war movies, the History Channel, and crime shows are what men should limit themselves to watching.

Men, Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022 and Masculinity

No Hallmark for them or they might just become less of a man. (This is not my opinion—it’s just one of the stronger opinions out there that a lot of people seem to believe!)

Other schools of thought state that only a real man can sit down to enjoy a Hallmark movie. Some say that the guy should sit down with his significant other to make the viewing a bigger manly move, while others said a dude just needs to sit down and feel the feels. That’s the height of being manly.

What Draws Some Men to Hallmark Movies

Despite what some people think, men have feelings. They may express those feelings in different or even strange ways, but they still have those feelings that bubble up and they have to be dealt with.

Emotional intelligence might just be why some men enjoy Hallmark Christmas movies. They know that a safe place where they can piggyback on a gentle, emotional roller coaster can be a healthy thing.

Men to Hallmark Movies

Women have known that Hallmark Christmas movies provide a great place to watch someone go through difficult situations while still growing and evolving.

It might be a cheesy or sometimes unique way, but it will always lead to a happy ending. Especially when the real world poses too many challenges and conflicts in all directions

Why wouldn’t men want to lose themselves in a scenic, caring, life-affirming way? There isn’t any negativity in a Hallmark Christmas movie. There are challenges, but you are guaranteed that no one will need to get bleeped out while speaking or will bring a weapon to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

And if they do, you need to change the channel. That’s not Hallmark.

Another thing that men enjoy about these films is that there’s a formula that’s followed, and that feels comfortable. The story will always have its unique direction and nuances, but there won’t be any jump scares or censored content there.

Sometimes It’s More Simple

Some guys don’t think that there’s an emotional component to their enjoyment of Hallmark Christmas movies. It’s simpler than that. These movies are pure entertainment.

There’s not a big mystery or plot twist that will shake things up or require a lot of thought. A Hallmark Christmas movie has one purpose for these men—relaxed enjoyment.

Escapism for All

Watching a Hallmark Christmas movie allows both men and women to tap into their emotions and go on a safe and magical ride, enhancing the holiday experience.

And if you feel you need to watch Christmas movies all year long for that sentimental and positive experience, you aren’t alone. Both men and women tune into Hallmark all year long to watch both Christmas and non-holiday-themed movies.

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