Puzzling Delight: Crossword Stocking Stuffers for Ultimate Holiday Fun

My in-laws are spending the holidays with us this year. Christmas is always a little hectic with three kids and a husband who works full time.

The kids don’t want to be on Santa’s naughty list, so they are usually better behaved than the rest of the year.

But this year, I have a house full of people, and my husband is working overtime. I love my husband’s family, but I needed something to decompress after dealing with everyone else’s needs and wants. Usually, I watch some TV show that puts my mind to sleep.

This year, my TVs are all in use, so that is not an option. I tried playing games on my phone, but you have to watch advertisements between games that sometimes take longer than the game. I ran across this software that makes sudoku puzzles you can print.


It was cheap enough that I picked it up on impulse. It only took a few minutes to print off half a dozen puzzles. Then I could hide in the bath or in my car in the garage. The first puzzles were set on easy, and I was not challenged at all.

When I went back again to print more, I noticed that there were lots of difficulty levels! I ended up with some in the middle range that challenged me but could still complete. It also has the answer and how to play sudoku printables as well.

The biggest thing then was getting my kids something to do. Yes, normally they watch Christmas movies and cartoons during Christmas break, but with the in-laws here, the TVs have all been waylaid by grumpy adults.

My kids found me in the car, so I needed a new solution. I had some of those very easy sudoku puzzles I printed the first time, and they were too easy sitting on the dash. My son picked one up and a pen from the console and started working at it.

I had no idea he even knew how to play Sudoku. When I asked him where he learned, he said you printed the directions, Mom. I felt foolish and went back to my own puzzle. That was when I realized I should be spreading Sudoku throughout my house!

My mother-in-law already had her own Sudoku with her, but she wanted to save it for the trip home. I did not need to tell me what I was doing wrong in my kitchen for the thousandth time, so I printed some pages for her. And I was able to make dinner for everyone without interruption!

Well, that was the start of the Sudoku craze. It’s been 4 days, and everyone is already working on Sudoku for part of the day. The fighting over what to watch is no longer a thing. Everyone competes to see who can complete the most Sudoku puzzles that day, and that person picks the after-dinner movie.

If you need a stress reliever this holiday, with or without in-laws, try the Sudoku software!

I created some free ones for you to enjoy too but I definitely recommend you get the software as it has 20 other puzzles you can create, download, and enjoy.

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