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Experience the magic of Christmas in Ljubljana, a beautiful city with a festive atmosphere that lasts throughout December.

The heart of the city center is the place to be, with its enchanting Christmas market filled with local vendors selling handmade crafts, traditional Slovenian food and drinks, and unique gifts.

Don’t miss out on trying some of the mouth-watering traditional Slovenian dishes like potica, a sweet bread with a walnut filling, and Kofi, a type of donut filled with jam or chocolate, while warming up with a cozy hot chocolate from the Cacao Café.


The holiday activities in Ljubljana are endless. Ice skating at Congress Square is a must-do while strolling along the Ljubljanica River and admiring the beautifully illuminated Christmas lights on bridges and buildings is a delight.

The lighting of the Christmas tree in Prešeren Square on December 1st is a magical event where the entire square is filled with people singing songs and enjoying the festive atmosphere.

But the festivities don’t end there. The holiday fairs become the center of social events, alongside the inn offerings, and nearby markets are lined with free concerts and other events for adults and children. December in Ljubljana is considered a lively month, despite the cold weather.


Festive events held in public areas in the city are free of charge without exception. Concerts and other events for the whole family take place in most of the squares in the city center.

And if you start feeling cold, warm yourself up with a cup of mulled wine or fragrant tea from one of the nearby stalls. Ljubljana offers several wonderful experiences, including boat trips on the Ljubljanica River that are not to be missed.

Overall, Christmas in Ljubljana is a delightful experience, filled with festive spirit, delicious food, and plenty of activities to enjoy with family and friends.


The artistic light decorations of Ljubljana emphasize its unique beauty even more during the holiday season. Plan your trip now and immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas in Ljubljana.

FAQs About Christmas in Ljubljana

Is Ljubljana worth visiting at Christmas?

Ljubljana is a great place to visit during Christmas, known for its festive atmosphere and enchanting offerings. The city features Christmas lights, Christmas markets, and a variety of events, making it a great place to experience the city’s festive spirit.

The festive program in the magnificently decorated old town center lasts until January 7, 2024. You can also join a guided tour to experience the true festive atmosphere of the city.

Does it snow in Ljubljana at Christmas?

Ljubljana’s festive atmosphere during Christmas is characterized by enchanting offerings, but snowfall is not guaranteed. Christmas markets and town squares host free music concerts and events.

What is the weather like in Ljubljana during Christmas?

In December, Ljubljana experiences cold and wet weather with an average temperature of 0°C (32°F), with highs of 4°C (39°F) and lows of -4°C (25°F). The weather is enchanting, with occasional snowfall, but snowfall is not guaranteed.

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